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Don’t you ever think to yourself, “I wish there were more epic novels set in prehistoric times”? Well, if so, you’ve come to the right place!

It is my delight to bring you meaty prehistoric novels written from a Christian perspective. Because the perspective is Christian, my characters are fully human, with clothing, agriculture, music, religion, medicine, and all kinds of abstract thought, even if they live in 10,000 B.C. Sometimes they hunt and gather; sometimes they build cities. It just depends what they’re up to.

In a former life, I did graduate work in linguistics, ethnology, and missiology. This has given me a deep respect for people of all different lifestyles, past and present. My interests still lie in these areas, and my novels integrate linguistic, ethnographic, and archaeological research.

As of this writing, I have two novels out: The Long Guest and The Strange Land. These are the first books in a trilogy, with the third, The Great Snake, upcoming in 2022. This trilogy follows a family of fugitives from Babel who eventually settle in North America.

If the Lord tarries and my health holds out, my next planned book will be about a group of early Indo-Europeans. After that, I hope to do at least one about the early Austronesians.

If you are fascinated by this stuff and would like to discuss it with like-minded people, you are welcome to join my community!

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